Our Fees

We are here, when you need and want us

Our Fees

The number of sessions you need, and the duration of your treatment, depends on the condition for which you are seeing us.

Our Client Support Team will talk with you about your needs, and place you with the WeightMatters Associate who is the best fit for you and your condition.

We pride ourselves in ongoing, training and development of all our therapists, so that we can understand your unique story around weight, food, eating and body image.

Block Discounts

6-session blocks offer a discount on the individual session price, when paid in advance

Counselling & Psychotherapy

The prices below denote the specific training and experience our therapists have working with weight, eating disorders, obesity and body image.

Therapist Standard Rate
6-session Block
Off-Peak Rate
6-session Block
Breakthrough Day
Clinical Director
James Lamper£125£680--£900£500
Advanced Therapists
Sarah Bolton£110£590£95£510-£400
Andreia Jennings£110£590£95£510-£400
Valerie Wendorff£110£590£95£510-£400
Senior Therapists
Sophie Demuth£100£530£85£450--
Marian Gittins£100£530£85£450--
Rebeca Robertson£100£530£85£450--
Nick Leake£100£530£85£450--
Therapist 1
Sarah Houghton£90£470£75£390--
Rosemarie Earlam£90£470£75£390--
Sinead Gannon£90£470£75£390--
Daljnder Bal£90£470£75£390--
Therapist 2
Paul Wilson£80£430£65£360--
Delyana Kara£80£430£65£360--
Maurizio Orani£80£430£65£360--
Alec Parsons-Smith£80£430£65£360--
Junior Therapists
Denise Sims£55£300----
Sarah Dosanjh£55£300----
Roksana Paciepnik£55£300----

Early morning sessions

Come in for 7.30am,8am or 830am sessions before work


Therapist 90-Minute Initial Session60-Minute Follow-Up Session40-Minute Follow-Up Session
Helen West£140£115£90

Saturdays work best

9am to 5pm Come to sessions when you have more time

Nutritional Therapist

Therapist 90-Minute Initial Session60-Minute Follow-Up Session40-Minute Follow-Up Session
Sue Camp£140£115£90

Session time

Counselling and Psychotherapy, sessions are 50 minutes in length

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance Coach One PaymentPayment over 3 months
Helen West£850£900
Sue Camp£850£900

Evening sessions

Come in for 6pm, 7pm or 8pm sessions after work


Psychiatrist 90-Minute60-Minute40-Minute
Dr Roberta Orton£195£155£135

Off-Peak rates

Available for sessionsthat start between 9-11am and 2-5pm Monday to Thursday


Explore the prices for our packages that combine therapy and nutrition.


Psychological and nutritional support for weight loss



Dietary and therapeutic support for eating disorders


Balance Plus

Lose weight and change your mindset


Come and see us

WeightMatters Practice - Centralis located in the heart of central London on Wigmore Street, just behind John Lewis and close to Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations.

WeightMatters Practice - City is located just 5 minutes walk away from Bank tube station. You can reach Tokenhouse Yard from both Moorgate and Lothbury.

Hours Available

7:30am - 9pm
7:30am - 9pm
7:30am - 9pm
7:30am - 9pm
7:30am - 9pm
9:00am - 6pm

WeightMatters Practice - Central

The WeightMatters Practice
3rd Floor
21 Wigmore Street
London W1U 1PJ

WeightMatters Practice - City

Token House
11-12 Tokenhouse Yard
London EC2R 7AS

We also work remotely

We work with clients across the UK, and around the world, using Skype and FaceTime. No need to travel, and feeling comfortable in your own home, are two great advantages of using Skype and FaceTime.

It is free to set up and simple to use - so why not give it a try? Some of our clients combine remote work with an initial longer Breakthrough Day, which gives you a chance to meet your therapist before continuing with remote sessions.

Social Media

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we aim to supply support , inspiration and links to sources of assitance and help, as well as keeping you up to date with what services and courses we are offering.

International Clients

We work with clients from around the world. Some countries lack specialist care in this field, and we are able to offer support by Skype or FaceTime.

Some clients visit us for a Breakthrough Day, and additional nutritional support, before returning to their country for ongoing support.

Please contact us for further information.

Do We Speak Your Language?

Some of our therapists speak other languages fluently, so you can have sessions in your own language, as well as English.

  • Spanish
  • Portugese
  • Romanian
  • Lithuanian
  • French
  • Arabic
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