Workshop - The Art of Eating
Individual Therapy - Overcoming Emotional Eating, Binge Eating Help, Weight Loss Counselling, Bulimia Recovery, Breaking Free from Restrictive Undereating
Nutritional Therapy - Weight Loss, Functional Tests, Lifestyle Management, Optimal Health, Food Plans & Nutritional Coaching
Dietician - Weight Loss, Manage Cravings, Break Habits, Improve Health, Weight Management

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WeightMatters Metabolic Balance Plus packages

Metabolic Balance Plus

Functional medicine, optimal
nutrition and expert psychological
support for lasting weight loss Tell me more ››

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WeightMatters Shrink packages


Lose weight, grow in
confidence, and build a better
relationship with your
mind and body Find out here ››

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WeightMatters Rebalance packages


Bespoke dietary and
therapeutic support as you
recover from restrictive,
bingeing or purging eating
behaviour Learn more ››

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