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Will It Be Good Or Bad News If Doctor’s Go On Strike?

Will it be good or bad news if Doctor's go on strike?
As Doctor's here in the UK decide whether or not to strike over pensions, patients may be left feeling a little worried.
However, it would appear we have no need to fear!
In 2000 many Israeli Doctor's went on strike for approximately 3 months.  This resulted in a marked drop in mortality rates.  The situation was reported in the British Medical Journal at the time.
Apparently tens of thousands of elective operations were cancelled as were thousands of out patient appointments.
There were no official statistics to go on so the Jerusalem Post took it upon themselves to survey non profit making Jewish Burial Societies.  They all reported a dramatic fall in deaths while the strike was on.
It would appear that Doctor's going on strike might actually be good for us!  Why would this occur?
Clearly there are aspects of general medicine that are essential and therefore very much needed such as emergency situations, diagnostics and surgery.  
Is it the case that whilst we all hold our Doctor's in very high esteem, it seems that if we peel back some of the layers of conventional medicine, it is perhaps not quite what we expect or think it is?
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