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Nutritional tips from our Dietician, Helen West

Helen West (Dietician) shares her top tips for both under-eaters and over-eaters

If you are trying to gain weight but are finding it a struggle, here are my 5 top tips for getting you on track......

  1. Small steps is the way forward, have small meals/snacks regularly this helps to reduce bloating.
  2. Variety is ‘the spice of life’ experiment with different foods helps to break rigid rules, ‘frees you up’
  3. High calorie nutritional drinks can be an additional great choice
  4. Meal Plan it takes the slog out of deciding what to eat Weightmatters can help you with this
  5. Try to limit the water intake up to 6 to 8 glasses daily. Drinking water is essential for your body, but it should be in specified limits. Do not try to fill up your stomach only with water. 

And here are my 5 tips if you are trying to stop over-eating: -

  1. Set goals for yourself that are realistic and that you can achieve
  2. Eat slower and chew well it curbs hunger
  3. Drink plenty of fluid it is not only a necessity for life but it also fills you up
  4. Start your meal with a bowl of soup or a salad, it goes towards your 5 a day, helps keep you hydrated and it fills you up. Ditch diet foods and eat high fibre foods not only are they less processed they also give you better satiety, better bowel function and keep you fuller for longer


*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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