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National Diet and Nutrition Survey



The National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows the food and nutrient consumption levels in the UK, the new survey has results from 2008-12 and shows that as a country we are still eating too much fatty foods and sugar and salt, with levels of fruit, vegetables, fish and fibre consumptions still below where they should be. 

The excess of bad foods is high among all groups but some results stand out, for sugar intake 4-18 year olds are consuming 4.6% more food energy from sugar than the maximum target. Young people also came off worst in fruit and vegetable consumption, in the 11-18 range only 10% of boys and 7% of girls met the 5 a day recommendation, down from 41% in the over 65 group.

Blood tests were also carried out for the survey and found that vitamin D deficiency is not uncommon . 

The survey shows that a healthy and balanced diet message needs to continue to be impressed on people as change happens slowly over a long period of time. 



Full Research: Bates et al. (2014)


*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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