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Eating Disorders Awareness Week

The Eating Disorders Awareness Week campaign started by the charity Beat in 2013


It aims to raise awareness of eating disorders: eating disorders are categorised as a mental illness and in the UK it affects 1.6 million people.


Here at WeightMatters we offer a whole range of services to support people suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating. From one-to-one counselling sessions to group and family therapy, all the way to workshops and seminars.


In our recent event SHRINK we addressed topics like emotional eating – identifying the triggers that make us overeat is essential to identify our eating patterns and rectify any irregular habits.


We have an extensive programme of workshops tackling subjects like bulimia, binge eating, perfectionism, gut health and brain health, diabetes, sleep and weight loss.


Remember that you can benefit from a discount on all workshops if you book this week but hurry as the offer ends soon. Book now using this link WORKSHOPS or email us at




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