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The Obesity Crisis and What We Can Do About It

The Obesity Crisis and What We Can Do About It




The obesity crisis is headline news. A report from The National Obesity Forum has predicted that by 2050 half of the UK population will be obese.


There are many issues that we need to address – not only habits relating to lifestyle but also emotional eating.


It is becoming clear that many people use food for comfort, to soothe painful feelings, to deal with personal crises or other feelings.


The report from The National Obesity Forum urges GP's and other medical practitioners to provide more comprehensive advice on weight management and proactively measure people's waistlines – at all ages.


A 2012 survey reported that more than a quarter of adults (26%) in England are obese.


The National Obesity Forum also points the finger at the food industry, advertising foods rich in sugar and saturated fat and making them look appetising and attractive.



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