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New hope for breast cancer patients




The British Journal of Cancer recently published some interesting findings on breast cancer testing. Currently only two biomarkers are tested during breast cancer checks but in the near future 10 different types of proteins will be tested that can help identify seven different types of breast cancer.


Identifying the right type of cancer is particularly important because each type has a different survival rate and requires a specific treatment protocol. The two proteins that are normally tested for breast cancer are the oestrogen receptor (ER) and HER2. New research will enable a larger screening to include p53, cytokeratins, HER3 and HER4a.


The chief executive of Breast Cancer Campaign, Baroness Delyth Morgan, was quoted in the BBC saying that the aim is to beat breast cancer by 2050.


What does this mean? These new findings can make a huge difference in the treatment of breast cancer as they will lead to a more tailored, personalised approach.


If you have been affected by breast cancer and need some emotional support, we are here to help.


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