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Type of Weight Loss Matters


Comment: New research suggests that it is not enough for the mother to be of a healthy weight when she conceives but rather how she achieved the weight also matters. 



Research: Researchers at the University of Cincinnati looked at weight loss in rats and the effect it has on the metabolic health of their offspring. 

We know that a mothers obesity and risk of diabetes can have negative effects on their offspring for both rats and humans. We also know that bariatric surgery can be the most effective way of achieving long term weight loss. What we have not known till now is that this may be the wrong way to lose weight, as the negative effects of past obesity and diabetes can still affect their children. 

In the test using rats obesity was induced before some were given a VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) whilst others were not. Although those who underwent the surgery showed improved glucose levels and reproductive health the metabolic health of their offspring did not improve and in some cases it actually got worse. 

This research could have impacts on guidelines for the clinical use of weight loss surgery, though more research is needed to know if this is also the case for other kinds of surgical weight loss. 

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