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Obesity and Pregnancy



Obesity can cause many health problems for you, but it can also cause problems for your unborn child. Research has shown the greatly increased risk of extremely preterm delivery as a result of mothers weight.




Research carried out in Sweden at the Karolinska Institutet has looked at the relationship between obesity and preterm delivery.

It is known that obesity can cause problems during pregnancy and one of the main problems is preterm delivery. Although the researchers stress that individually the risk of  extreme preterm delivery is small, as a population this information is very important as death due to extreme preterm delivery is one of the highest contributors to infant mortality in developed countries. 

The study looked at pregnant mothers BMI from first their first visit to a prenatal clinic and found that those with who were overweight were 25% more likely to have an extremely preterm delivery, those who were mildly obese had an increased risk of 60% and for severe obesity were about 80% more likely to have an extremely preterm delivery.

This is just another big reason that prospective mothers should be in control and be a healthy weight to give their baby the best chances.

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