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Longer Stressful LIfe?



A stress free life may not be the answer to a longer life, but is that the most important factor?

Health issues and physical stress would also play a part and although you may live longer will the quality of life be as good?



We are being forever bombarded with images of eternal beauty, though really we should learn to love the way that older people look. 

Dr Small says, "People need to understand that older people are just people. As soon as you understand that, you can get over that ageism and that fear. Part of it is our own fear of death and of ageing ourselves, so we want to deny that natural process."

Scientists have long been looking for an answer on how to live longer, and although it was generally believed that a stress-free lifestyle could help elongate life. When new evidence shows that actually the opposite could be true. 

Research carried out at the University of California found that those who lead more stressful lifestyles are more likely have healthier habits than those with less stressful lives. Not only is stress helpful but also that worrying can also be beneficial. 

Although we may  now be more aware of the lifestyle factors, the physical ones are still more of a mystery.

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