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Weight Loss and Pregnancy



Although the risks to a pregnancy drop once you have weight loss surgery it is still important for there to be a further waiting period. Then you will be in the best position to have a healthy pregnancy!



Experts are giving advice that women who have had weight loss surgery should wait for a minimum of 12 months (to 18 months) before becoming pregnant. 

Although becoming pregnant after the weight loss surgery is healthier, due to complications that can arise from obesity, it is safer still to wait the extra time. 

Research has showed that 31% of pregnancies occurring in the first 18 months after surgery result in spontaneous miscarriage, this drops to 18% after the 18 month mark.

Although the risk drops, these women should still be closely followed as they are still high risk. They should be looked after by a team including a surgeon, obstetrician, fertility specialist and a nutritionalist. 

Rahat Khan a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital agreed with this sentiment and said, "In light of current evidence available, pregnancy after bariatric surgery is safer, with fewer complications, than pregnancy in morbidly obese women."

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