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Weight Control and Calcium



It is interesting to see how something like calcium seems to be able to provide benefits for many different things.

It makes you wonder what other things like calcium could also do if the research was carried out.  



We all know about how calcium will help us to grow strong and have healthy bones and teeth, but now a new role for calcium has arrived, to help you to control your weight.


Two new studies have been carried out to see whether this is the case. One looked at the effect calcium can have on fat oxidation (burning), it found that high intake of calcium could increase the rate of oxidation which could help to target stores of body fat.

The other study looked at calcium and vitamin D together and found that together they could increase fat oxidation and also faecal excretion of fat. 

Now further research is needed into the exact levels of calcium and vitamin D that would be needed for optimum results.

To read the full research click here:

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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