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Type 2 Diabetes – More Prevention Help



Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem as more people see the effects of long term obesity. Studies like this that show how the effects can be mitigated are important. So that we can make it easier to help people endure more long term health problems than need be. 



Obesity is considered a warning on the way to type 2 Diabetes, this is because it promotes the inflammation of adipose tissue, this acts as a trigger for the diabetes. 

Although it has been known that long chain Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have anti-inflammatory products it was not known what the impact if there was one on the adipose tissue. 

Now a study has been undertaken, where 55 obese participants were randomized  and given either the omega 3 or buttermilk over a period of 8 weeks. To see the effects there was elective surgery to look at the adipose tissue and check its inflammation level. 

The study found that those who had received the long chain omega 3 had significantly lower inflammation than before. 

To read more about the study click here:

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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