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Combining Foods to Lower Cholesterol



It is a simple idea when you think of the research that had already been undertaken but the ability to not need to take medication for it in some cases will most certainly be a pull for many people!



Cardiovascular disease is another effect that can occur as a result of obesity, but there to help are many foods that are known to target the cholesterol most commonly liked with the disease. 

For example, plant stanol and sterol esters, soya protein, β-glucans fibre and tree nuts have individually been found to reduce LDL-cholesterol by 3–9%. Many of these have been awarded European health claims under new regulations.

Although good on their own, a study has been undertaken to see if the effect of eating multiple of these foods is cumulative and thus more effective. 

It was found that by eating two of the foods the specific type of cholesterol could be lowered by about 10% which in some cases would mean that medication was not needed. 

To read the full study click here:

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