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Dangerous New Diets

Although losing weight can be a big challenge trying to follow such an extreme diet could cause its own problems. It might seem easier but in the long run is not worth it.


A new best selling diet plan has come under fire for the extreme advice it gives, such as encouraging the skipping of meals. The plan, called Six Weeks To OMG Diet: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends is creating concern that it could cause an influx of eating disorders. 

Deanne Jade from the National Centre for Eating Disorders said: "This diet uses psychology against vulnerable young people and will encourage unhealthy competition to lose weight. You can lose weight in a million wacky ways. But you’ll put all it all back on again and you may have damaged your body, brain and appetite control for ever."

The author of the book, Venice A Fulton has had to deny that the diet is based on the popular TV show The Only Way is Essex and has had to emphasize that it is indeed a serious diet plan with only the intention of helping people.

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