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Helping Hand for Parents Teaching Children About Body Image

A guide backed by Westminster aims to help parents to teach their children about body image and to have confidence in their own appearance. 

Aimed at six to eleven year olds, the pack will help parents to talk to their children about issues with body image and to highlight the unrealistic portrayal of bodies in the media.  

Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone says the pack from the not-for-profit organization Media Smart will help parents to have that difficult talk with their children. 

"Young people are being set an impossible standard by images in media and advertising which can erode their self esteem. As parents, we are often aware of these issues but may not have the advice and guidance we need to talk to our children,"

It is hoped the pack will encourage parents to make sure their children are aware that the photos they see of models and celebrities in the media have often been digitally enhanced. To highlight this the pack includes pictures of celebrities such as Britney Spears before and after being touched up.  

The pack was launched the day after the death of 14 year old Fiona Geraghty, her death has been blamed on the fashion industry after its unrealistic portrayal of bodies led to her suffering from bulimia and being bullied over her weight. 

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