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Ever Younger Children Being Treated for Anorexia

Anorexia is commonly thought of as mainly affecting teenage girls, though this shows that this is not a case, with sadly a large rise in much younger children being affected.

James Lamper

Figures from the NHS that have been revealed show that between 2007-2011, 167 boys under 18 years old were admitted to hospital for emergency treatment for anorexia. This shows an increase of 65% over the past 5 years, when only 101 were treated. 

The age of some of the boys was shockingly low, one of six years, two eight year olds, and two nine year olds. 

However not only has the number of boys being admitted to hospital risen but the number of girls has also. Between 2007-2011 1,662 girls were admitted, up 39% from 5 years ago when 1,192 were treated. 

The figures, obtained by The Sun newspaper through a freedom of information request say that this is not the whole story, in reality the figures could be quite a bit higher but 31 NHS trusts did not respond with figures. 

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