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Losing Body Image Concerns

Can you imagine a world in which we were no longer concerned with our body image?

Why do we worry so much about what other people think about us?

As teens we desperately want to fit into the “norm” but for many, this need to fit in stays very close to us.  For some, this becomes an all consuming pre occupation.

Body image is closely linked to self esteem.

Do we really believe that if we were thinner, prettier, ore muscular, taller, shorter etc that our lives would somehow improve?

Outside influences also have a lot to answer for.  We tend to want to have the same hair, figure, success, beauty, fame etc that we see all around us every day in the media. Trying to be more like these celebs is usually futile as we are all unique and cannot replicate these images as they are airbrushed and therefore not real!  Why put so much time and effort into something that is simply not attainable.

Quite often, our perception of ourselves and how we look is simply that – a perception.  It is not usually how others perceive us.

It may be a scary prospect to to ask those closest to us to tell us how they view us.  Chances are they will not say that they see you as fat, ugly, unattractive or any of the many other negative views that we inflict on ourselves!  After all, would our friends want to spend time with us if they thought these things about us?  Probably not but they do want to be with us!

Going back to my opening question, life would be wonderful if we could find a way to be kinder to ourselves and not compare ourselves with others so much.  Sometimes, however, comparing ourselves to others can influence us in a very positive way.  It can make us focus on getting what we want or inspire us to change and become better individuals. 

Think about who you admire.  Are they a positive role model or a subtly negative one?   If you think they are having a negative influence, change your view!  If you feel down when you've read your “favourite” magazine, perhaps it's time for a change!

Try and think of a few positive phrases that you can relate to.  Set them up as a reminder on your phone.  Keep reminding yourself of all the positives and it really will start to make a difference!

Above all be kind to yourself!


*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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