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Realistic Goals in 2012

Now the holiday season is over, lots of us will be looking ahead to what the new year will bring.

Many of us will be making New Year Resolutions, but how will we stick to them and make them a long lasting reality?  I wonder why so many people give up so early on in the year!

Perhaps the answer  is to be realistic about your aims and goals.

To help you to decide what is achievable and what isn't make a list of things you would like to make happen or change and then give them a score of 1-10 as to how achievable they are.  That way you will see a clearer picture.  Ditch the stuff that's simply impossible!  Stay positive though!  It might not be the right time or year to resolve everything.  Also try and make it fun.  If you decide that you want to start exercising, see if there is a family member or friend who would like to do it with you.  Then you can have a laugh together and keep each other motivated!

Of course, it's never too late to start making small changes – not matter what time of year!

Happy New Year!


*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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